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Premium Blue Blocker Aviator Glasses by Swanwick – Computer and Gaming Glasses for Better Sleep and Health – Anti Eye Strain Dry Eye Relief for Men Women(Gold) Regular

Do you struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep at night? Do you suffer sore eyes and headaches from long hours in front of a computer, tv, gaming or reading? 

Night Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Swanwick will supercharge your sleep and health by filtering harmful blue light from electronic devices. 

Scientifically proven in an independent lab study by SleepScore Labs showed that Night Swannies blue blockers resulted in significantly improved sleep; including an average of:

  • 33% increased sleepiness at bedtime
  • 11 minutes less time to fall asleep
  • 24 minutes reduced time awake during the night 

Anti-glare, anti-fatigue and anti-jet lag. Safe and comfortable to prevent insomnia and other sleep disorders, while protecting your eyesight from harmful blue light. 

Designed for supreme comfort, even when worn for long periods of time. No more migraines, headaches, eye fatigue or eyes strain. A natural sleep aid that is suitable for men, women and children. 

Swannies blue light blocking glasses are the preferred blue blocker glasses by high-achieving industry leaders and pro-athletes.

Wearing the Swannies glasses at least an hour before bedtime leaves you free to watch TV use electronic devices without ruining your sleep.

Night Swannies are perfect for entrepreneurs, students, shift workers, corporate leaders and athletes.

  • Help your body naturally produce melatonin
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Reset your circadian rhythm
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your overall health with better sleep

100% money back guarantee means risk-free purchasing ♥

RELIEVE TIRED EYES – Trouble sleeping after working on the computer or watching TV? By wearing Swannies blue blocker glasses while reading, using the computer or gaming you’ll experience less eye strain, headaches, and protect your eyes from harmful blue light. You’ll have better sleep too!
BPA FREE – Our luxury frame is made of an environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Strong, lightweight and flexible, can be shaped to your face for a perfect fit and be readjusted. Our frames and Swannies blue light blocking technology lenses are free of harmful BPA.
SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN by a 3rd Party Lab to protect your eyes, block blue light and reduce eye strain – Swanwick is an FDA Registered company. Swannies computer glasses are a natural sleep aid to protect your eyes.
ABSOLUTE PRECISION – Swannies CR39 lenses will give you supremum clarity. With our premium anti-scratch, UV blocking coatings you’ll find working for long periods a breeze. Increase your clarity and protect your vision with blue blockers.
LOOK GOOD – Swannies are designed not only for function but for comfort, clarity and fashion. They can be worn for a long period of time comfortably unlike other look-a-likes or clip-ons they don’t hurt your nose bridge or ears. It’s the best of all worlds!

Price: $129.00
(as of Mar 26,2020 16:26:07 UTC – Details)

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