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MERGE Cube and VR Headset Bundle for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, STEM Learning and Educational Games

MERGE Cube is a STEM tool that combines augmented reality and natural touch to enhance learning in the classroom and at home. Perfect as a learning tool for girls and for boys – kids can hold the solar system in the palm of their hand, examine dinosaur fossils and ancient artifacts, investigate the human heart, and so much more. The MERGE Cube connects with your smartphone or tablet and educational games and apps to make STEM learning fun! The MERGE VR Headset is durable, comfortable and cleanable and has adjustable lenses, which makes it great for kids at home and in the classroom. The soft, flexible foam material will keep your smartphone tucked securely inside and protected from drops. Visit MERGE Miniverse online to find a curated collection of over 300 safe and engaging VR educational games and learning experiences from brands like National Geographic, Discovery VR, BBC, and more. Be transported to the solar system, walk with dinosaurs, come face-to-face with lions, and more. Also works with Google Expeditions. Let your children experience STEM concepts first hand by learning with the MERGE VR Headset! The MERGE Cube and VR/AR Headset can be used together or separately.WHAT YOU GET: The MERGE Cube and the MERGE VR Headset – you can use them together or separately
MERGE CUBE: learn, create, and play games in augmented reality by holding and interacting with digital objects – great for use at home or in the classroom
MERGE VR HEADSET: Durable, cleanable, adjustable, comfortable and fits over most eyeglasses! Compatible with Android or iOS smartphones and Google Expeditions
STEM LEARNING: MERGE Cube and VR Headset are used in homes and classrooms to engage kids in lessons on science, math, anatomy, engineering & more
HOW THEY WORK: Find educational games and experiences for the Cube and VR Headset at MERGE Miniverse online, or try the MERGE EDU Platform for curriculum-aligned augmented reality interactions

Price: $58.99
(as of Nov 03,2019 21:50:04 UTC – Details)

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