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Cheap Vr Headset For Pc Gaming

Virtual reality has transformed every industry as the racks are loaded with VR-equipped gadgets. VR technology is a combination of fact and simulation at the same time. 

The gaming industry has received the utmost advancement via employing these VR gaming headsets that provide a realistic 3D environment. There are several VR gaming headset that serves for their particular purposes including the appealing virtual objects, cutting-edge capabilities, attraction towards the gameplay, and many more. 

Therefore, to step out of your conventional gameplay options and enter into a new world of realistic and genuine world, use these VR headsets for your gaming PC. We have highlighted some of the best cheap VR headset for pc gaming which will stimulate your brain into realism. The following are some of the best products in this category.

1. Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset:

Product Features:

Pulse-pounding play: 

This Oculus Rift S will centralize your virtual reality’s experience by providing you with the pulse-pounding technology. You’ll

Improved Optics:

The devices feature the sharp lenses and advanced generation optical mechanism to support excellent visualization. Enhanced graphics and better-quality colors will reduce the screen door effect.

Ergonomic Design:

Stability and sturdiness are the significant features of this VR headsets with the halo headband design. A quick twist of the fit wheel will ensure the sharp sensation of your reaction to provide you the fastest responses.

Touch Controllers:

Oculus Touch Controllers are offering you easy controls. Also, your slashes, throws and grabs will appear sharply in the VR set. You can ease down the movement by having realistic accuracy, comfortable traction and perception of hands and gestures.

Insight Tracking:

The device equips the Oculus Insight tracking characteristic, which can sharply sense the movements. VR headsets can convert these movements into effective digital gestures to double-up your tracking experience.

Perfect Gaming library:

Compatibility is what you seek in the ideal VR gaming headphones. This device can play hundreds or thousands of games via the Oculus Store and the store is regularly updating as well. Also, the device features room-scale tracking which can optimize its operations according to the outside environment and sensors.


  • Improved touch controls
  • Wide gaming store
  • Ergonomically stable


  • Port extender compatibility issues

2. Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset:



This Quest gaming VR headset is proving you with all-in-one specifications. You can enjoy various sorts of games and also control the application via Oculus mobile app and Oculus Quest app. You can also achieve everything you want in a VR box in this device.


The tracking feature of the device is fully updated and can enhance your insight tracking experience. These characteristics enable you to get rid of any external or third-party equipment to improve the movement sensations. You can reflect the movement adequately to your VR box for perfect gaming.

Easy controls:

Oculus touch controls are one of the best in this category. You can have the precise functionalities that reflect your hands’ movements or gestures. Also, these controllers can provide you with the most realistic experience of the games.

Beyond the room-scale:

The outside environment varies a lot in the VR gaming as VR headsets are sensitive to the objects. However, this Oculus Quest device is what you need in for your room’s environment even in any position while standing or sitting. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the room is small or large; the external sensors of this VR can optimize your gestures and convert them into the detecting signals.

Clear Steering:

The evident steering ability of this device correctly translates your movements. You can enjoy the perfect gaming sensitivity using these characteristics.

Set-up requirements:

The device requires the iPhone iOS 10 or Android 6.0 smartphone for the app to work.


  • Perfect handling
  • All-in-one technology
  • Easy controls


  • Less powerful

 3. Oculus Go Standalone VR Headsets:


Personal view screen:

This Oculus Go VR headset offers you the little yet large enough screen to provide you a perfect depiction and enhances your visual experience. The crystal clear optical technology is what you need to portray the real gaming graphics correctly. This VR headsets also equips the state of the art 3D technology by which you can jump into the real gaming world. All the attributes contribute towards providing you a cinematic experience.

View with your mates:

You can easily enjoy this Go Standalone VR headset with your friends and family as well. You can view your friends in this VR also.


These headsets feature a compact and sleek design that makes them light in weight. Lightweight features further enable the perfect handling of this equipment and make them comfortable to wear.


All-in-one feature means that you don’t need any external gadget, including Phone or wiring, to enjoy the virtual feel. Also, these features make them easy to use.

Perfect controller:

The device offers you the accurate controller that specifies your actions and perform operations likewise. You can reach anywhere in seconds, whether you want to play a specific movie or run your favorite game.  

In-built audio:

The device equips the perfect audio speakers by which you don’t need to spend an extra amount on your speakers. You can experience the immersive and bass-boosted sound quality without any bulky sound apparatus.


  • Personal view
  • Dramatic sound experience
  • Effortless controls


  • No track positioning

4. Lenovo Mirage Standalone VR headset:


Free from any equipment:

You don’t need to own any extra gadget to support this Standalone VR. All you need is this Lenovo Mirage Standalone VR headset, which offers you no need for any extra hassle including bulky wires, expensive laptops or personal computers.

Comfortable design:

This headset is comfortable to wear and easy to handle. You can enjoy the perfect lightweight design, which offers no difficulty in movement. The weight balancing feature also contributes to the stability of this gadget.


The perfect coating and thick padding enable the device to attain a prolonged life span. Also, the perfectly engineered design is so well-established and stands out when worn.

Powerful Hardware:

All the components depict a robust look that makes use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VR platform. The devices feature the 4K quality in 3-dimensional view, 6 degrees of freedom, and the immersive 3D sound.

Various Experiences:

You can enjoy the perfect VR experience using different platforms including YouTube, Netflix, games and much more.  Also, you can have access to the WorldSense library for various further experiences. The Blade Runner is also there to provide you with the unraveling clues and relishes play.

A free copy of Blade Runner:

As already mentioned, the device comes along with the free aces to the Blade Runner Revelations. You can also enjoy this game with your friends having the Lenovo Mirage Standalone VR headsets and activated the game as well.


  • Powerful Hardware
  • Comfortable design
  • Excellent hardware


  • A little heavier

5. HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality headset:


Improved Graphics:

You can enjoy the impressive and more functional graphics using this HTC VIVE pro device. The device lets you enjoy the rich coloring technology that helps you to attain the sharper colors with the minimalistic effort. The screen resolution of 2880 x 1660 reveals that you can easily enjoy the widescreen with ease.

Real-life movement:

The device equips the majestic and fully functional control system that enables you to attain the 36-degrees monitoring. Also, the sensors are here to provide you with the perfect tracking along with the precise movements and even take care of your one-millimeter change.

Impressive Sound:

This HTC VIVE Pro features the majestic sound quality and bass-boosted voice quality. You can also experience the noise-free music with low distortion that provides the clear variety. The headphone offers the high-impedance feature that improves the voice quality by providing you the optimized sound.

Supported Station:

You can employ this device to form a play space of your won. You will be able to have an upstanding station with the supported bass to ensure stability and sturdiness. The device features the dimensions of 22’11″‘ x 22’11”, which help you to wear it easily and comfortably.

Extraordinary Design:

You can have the improved ergonomics that further adds to the stability of the device. Playing games for a long time is not a significant problem due to the comfortable design and calm gameplay of this HTC VIVE Pro headset.


  • VR tracking
  • 360-degrees controller
  • Noise cancellation


  • Low-end controllers

6. Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset model:


Freedom of movement:

You can experience the perfect freedom using this completely portable yet efficient VR headset device. You can easily track the record of 6 different positions that are regarded as the degree of freedom. This degree of freedom improves the comfort level of the user to wear the device for a longer time. The lock positions include the up/down, forward/backward, left/right and more.

Tracking power:

This Acer window is equipping the inside-out tracking feature that helps you to use the gadget alone without any extra equipment. You don’t need to drill holes or require any installation process which provides you with the standalone feature of this headset.

Easy setup:

The installation requires no extra hassle of wires and drilling. All you need to do is to open the box right in front of you, and also, there is no extraneous work you require to enjoy the perfect sound quality within seconds.

Flip Visor and adjustable headband:

There are also some of the popular features, including the flip visor and adjustable headband. You can enjoy the limitless benefits by relishing these unique attributes. You can easily fit your head into these headsets by employing the adjustable headband.

Windows MR Application platform:

You can enjoy the versatile games and increase the productivity of your enjoyable time. Also, the communication is far secure via using Skype, or other tools.


  • Adjustable headband
  • Freedom of movement
  • Inside-out tracking


  • A little costly

Comparison Chart:


Sr No. VR Headset Products Memory Resolution Warranty Buy Now
1. Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset 8GB + RAM 2160×1440 Limited warranty
2. Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset 64 GB/ 128 GB 2,160 x 1,080 Limited warranty
3. Oculus Go Standalone VR Headsets 32 GB 2560×1440 Limited warranty
4. Lenovo Mirage Standalone VR headset 64GB 2560 x 1440 One year warranty
5. HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality headset 4GB RAM only 1440 x 1600 Two years warranty
6. Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset model 16GB 2880 x 1660  One year warranty

Buying Guide:

There are a variety of different VR headsets available in the market that make use of their distinct features, variable resolution powers, majestic sound features and other attributes to provide their users with the perfect gameplay experience. 

The VR headsets come in different price values. The price range started from the $150 and went up to the chart at $750. You may need to look for your budget before choosing any of the VR headsets.

Next in the list is your needs that you need to consider before buying these devices. For this purpose, you might check the detailed features which are stated above to have a complete know-how of the device. 

Once both of these factors are compiled, you’ll select the gadget of your choice with the perfect design. It is depicting or external appearance that appeals to most of the gamers. 

So, the features including comfortable adjustable headbands, visors, hassle-free wires and many more that are the contributions for the perfect assortment of the VR headsets.


There are a variety of headsets available with the VR technology which you can use for gaming purposes. These VR headsets make use of trendy attributes that let you relish the gameplay with realistic graphics. Also, most of the devices are easy to use and hassle-free to set up. 

Hence, first of all, it is a crucial thing to consider your budget and look for the best VR headsets accordingly. We have highlighted some of the best VR gaming headsets that are the top-trends, as well as surpassing others in their characteristics. You can look at their detailed features, pros and cons listed in this article for the perfect selection.