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Best Wired Headphones For Running

Running and working out does not have to be a tedious activity. If you are someone who feels bored and needs the motivation to look forward to running sessions, try using music to keep you company. Music will not only make you feel less lonely and add a bit of fun to your running routine, but it will also boost your energy and keep you going. 

To be able to do so, you will need to invest in a good pair of headphones. The best wired headphones for running are the ones that are sweat-resistant, durable and offer excellent sound quality. Plus they can keep up with constant running and vigorous physical activity due to a stronger grip on the ears. But on top of everything, they are comfortable and can easily be worn without any hassle. 

There are several wired running headphones available in the market. But if you are looking for some of the high rated and most recommended options, continue reading, and you will find the answer to your quest:

Top Rated Wired Headphones For Running:

1. ROVKING Wired Over Ear Sport Earbuds:

Product Features:

Suitable For Smaller Ears:

Unlike other headphones, the ROVKING Wired Over Ear Sport Earbuds come with a smaller ear hook which can easily fit into little sized ears. The earbuds too are available in four different sizes so you can fit the headphones properly without having to adjust them over and over again. 

In-Line Control Button:

An in-line control button is fixed on the headphones that can be used to play or pause music, change soundtracks and also attend or reject calls. No need to reach out for your device all the time. 

Commendable Sound Quality And Microphones:

The sound quality offered by the headphones is crisp and clear. It is not only the headphones that are great, but the microphone too is fabulous. You can easily speak to anyone as the microphone will transfer sound properly despite background noise or distortions. 

Sweatproof Earbuds:

Have you lost a pair of headphones because they could not tolerate sweat? This will surely not happen when you use the ROVKING wired headphones. Since they are specially made to be used during physical activities, therefore, they are sweatproof.


  • Best for people with smaller ears. 
  • Commendable sound quality. 
  • One hundred and thirty-centimetre long cable. 
  • Affordable and budget-friendly as compared to other headphones. 
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Laptops and Tablets. 


  • Not suitable to be used for a prolonged period. 
  • Do not offer noise cancellation. 
  • Are prone to breakage very easily. 

2. Avantree E171 Sports Wired Headphones With Microphone:

Product Features:

Perfect And Comfortable Fit:

Many people complain that their headphones fall out of their ears during running. But the Avantree E171 headphones will fit in snugly inside your ears. They will not be so tight that they cause pain or discomfort, but they will also stay in place and will not need adjustment at all. 

In-Line Control Button:

The headphones come with an in-line control button that will help you take control of your device with ease. Simply use that button to control the volume of the music, change tracks, attend or reject calls and even use voice assistance to control your device. 

Microphone With Clear Sound:

The microphone of the headphones is premium in quality. You can easily take calls and be sure that your voice will go through correctly. The microphone is suitable for both voices as well as video calls. 

Twenty-Four Month Warranty Period:

The headphones come with a warranty period of twenty-four months during which the company will be more than happy to help you in case you face any problem related to the working of the headphones. You can reach out to the customer service team in case you have any questions about the headphones. 


  • A strong grip that fits the ears perfectly.
  • In-line control button to control music and attend or reject calls. 
  • Compatible with all 3.5mm audio jack devices. 


  • Sound quality can improve as one experiences distortion. 

3. Philips Headphones SHS3300BK Earhook Headphones:

Product Features:

Powerful Bass Boosted Sound Delivery:

You do not have to compromise on the sound quality at all if you are using the Philips SHS3300BK headphones. The headphones come with bass boosted sound that provides the users with a surreal sound experience. The twenty-seven-millimetre speakers are the reason why sound quality is commendable. 

Two Variations To Choose From:

These headphones come in two different variations, i.e. with the microphone and without. If you are someone who likes to take calls during running or be able to control the phone via voice support, you can opt for the one that comes with the microphone otherwise you can get the one that is without the microphone. 

Long Tangle Free Cable:

The headphones come with a one-point two-meter long cable that helps one listen to music while the device is in his pocket. The longer cord does not pull on the ears or get tangled easily. Therefore, you do not always have to spend time untangling a broken wire or complain about tugging on the ears due to the short length of the wire. 

Comfortable For Long Term Use:

The headphones assure comfort. They are comfortable to wear and do not cause any pain or discomfort to the ears. You will not experience rashes or feel that your ears are crying for help while using these headphones, even for a prolonged period. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable that the users barely notice them. 


  • Protective rubber ends for comfort and cushioning. 
  • Can be worn for more extended periods. 
  • Aesthetic and attractive design. 
  • Comfortable to wear


  • No warranty or guarantee. 
  • No microphone. 

4. Mucro Running Headphones For Jogging:

Product Features:

Adjustable Earhook:

Most running headphones come with an ear hook but what makes the Mucro Running Headphones special is the fact that they come with a flexible ear hook. You can adjust the hook so that it fits the ear perfectly and does not fall out from the ear. 

Three Ear Piece Variations:

The headphones come with earpieces that are available in three different sizes. You can pick a format that is suitable according to your ears. This way, you will be sure that the headphones fit properly. And you will not have to keep adjusting the headphones during running. 

Premium Quality Microphone And Sound:

The headphones offer clear and distortion-free sound quality. The same goes for the microphone. If you attend calls during running, you will be able to hear the other person properly, and the person on the other end will also be able to comprehend what you are saying with ease. 

One Year Money-Back Guarantee:

The customers are offered a money-back guarantee period of one year. In case you feel that the headphones are not working correctly or yours break within one year of purchase, you can quickly contact the company and get a new pair within no time. 


  • Comfortable and stable fit. 
  • Crisp sound quality. 
  • Adjustable rubber hook for comfort around the ear. 
  • Lightweight and easy to work out in. 


  • Maximum volume is a bit lower as compared to other headphones. 
  • The ear hooks tend to break after a few months of use. 

5. Sony MDR-AS210/B Sports Headphones:

Product Features:

Lightweight And Comfortable:

The unique thing about this pair of headphones is its weight. The headphones do not weigh down the ears or feel heavy on the ears. The lightweightedness of the headphones also makes it perfect for running and other physical activities. 

Adjustable Loop For Comfort:

The headphones come with a comfortable and flexible earloop. The users can adjust the headphones as desired so they can fit properly. Adjust the loop, so the headphones fit snugly. When worn after proper adjustment, you will not have to worry about the headphones falling out during running. 

Aesthetic Design:

The headphones are available in three different color variations. The design of the headphones is also very artistic. The design not only makes them look attractive but also makes them comfortable to wear. The style of the earbuds helps them sit appropriately inside the ear. 

Water Resistant:

The Sony MDR-AS210/B headphones are water-resistant. They will not malfunction due to sweat produced during running. The headphones are not made to be used during swimming, but they will surely be suitable for use during running. 


  • The cord does not tangle and is thirteen point two meters long. 
  • Water-resistant headphones which make them suitable for working out. 
  • Amazing sound quality. 
  • Fantastic design.


  • No mic. 

Comparison Chart:


Sr. No Product Name Weight Dimensions Buy Now
1. ROVKING Wired Over Ear Sport Earbuds 1.44 Ounces 5.6 x 1.1 x 2.7 inches
2. Avantree E171 Sports Wired Headphones With Microphone 0.96 Ounces 4.7 x 1.4 x 1 inches
3. Philips Headphones SHS3300BK Earhook Headphones 0.64 Ounces 1 x 3.7 x 6.7 inches 
4. Sony MDR-AS210/B Sports Headphones 0.16 Ounces 2 x 2.8 x 6 inches
5. Mucro Running Headphones For Jogging 1.28 Ounces 1.1 x 6.2 x 2.3 inches

How To Choose The Right Headphones For Running – A Buying Guide:

Generally people assume that they can use their regular headphones to listen to music when they go running. But this is not true. Running headphones are specifically designed for physical activity. 

Running headphones are mostly water resistant so they can bear sweating, have longer cords so they do not tangle and one can easily have the device in the pocket. It comes with comfortable ear hooks to hold them in place and also have a microphone and in-line control button. 

There are many different running headphones that are available in the market. But some of the characteristics and features that should be on the top of your list when you are going to buy running headphones are as follows:

Water Resistance:
Running headphones should be waterproof. If you plan to go running in the rain or sweat during running, the headphones should be able to still function. But it is important to bear in mind that water resistance does not mean that they are suitable for sports like swimming. They can tolerate dampness but cannot be expected to function if completely submerged in water. 

Comfort And Secure Fit:
One cannot keep fixing headphones while running. Therefore, always opt for a pair of headphones that is comfortable to wear. The headphones should provide cushioning for the ears and should have soft earbuds so the ears do not get tired. 

The headphones with an ear hook are always better. The hook wraps around the back of the ear and stays in place. Do not compromise on the fit of the earbuds as it won’t be possible for you to keep moving them in place during running. 

Commendable Sound Quality:

The purpose of running headphones is to motivate the runner and keep him company through music. This will not be possible if the headphones have poor sound quality. The headphones should be able to cancel external noise so one can enjoy music to the fullest. Bass boosted headphones are the best as they enhance the sound quality. 

Longer Cord And In-Line Control Button:

Most of the time when people go running, they keep their devices in their pockets. The headphones should have a longer wire so that the earbuds do not tug on the ears. The device can be placed in the pocket while the longer cord holds the earbuds in place. A control button is also a blessing as it allows one to control the volume, soundtrack, play and pause the music without having to access the device from the pocket. The same button can also be used to attend and reject calls directly. 


A microphone is an added plus in a pair of good running headphones. The microphone can be used for voice assistance and also to attend and speak on calls with ease. The quality of the microphone should also be considered. It should be able to convey sound properly and in a reliable manner. 


Music is the best company one can have while running. It will ensure you remain excited and full of energy throughout your running round. But normal headphones are not suitable to be used for this purpose. Make use of special running headphones so that you can enjoy your running session to the fullest. These headphones are made especially while keeping running situations in mind. 

Running headphones have longer wires, comfortable fit, amazing sound quality and are waterproof as well. They can be worn for prolonged time periods without experiencing any type of discomfort. 

When looking for a pair of running headphones, make sure that the headphones have good sound quality and are durable as well. Invest in a pair of reliable and high-quality headphones so you do not have to keep buying a new pair every now and then.