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Best Color Blind Glasses

Everyone has the right to enjoy the colors of life. But due to genetic or post genetic defects, someone might not be able to distinguish between the different colors. This condition of not being able to differentiate between the different colors is known as color blindness. 

Experiencing this situation can be very uncomfortable and has an immense impact on someone’s life. 

One might face a large number of difficulties in the overall career from passing the optical vision test to choosing an occupation that requires sharp eye vision. To overcome this problem, there have been many advancements going on from the past decade.

Colour blind glasses are one of the great solutions to this problem as these glasses will let you experience the beautiful colors without even affecting your retina, lens, or any other eye component. 

These glasses also offer a painless and easy way to see colors by altering the wavelength of the incoming rays. Several sorts of minerals and other filters are used to absorb the particular wavelengths and confusing primary colors, i.e., green, red, and blue. We have researched enough to provide you with the top-notch quality best color blind glasses as follows.

1. Pilestone TP-012 Colorblind glasses:

Product Features

Light in weight: Considering the performance along with the construction, these glasses use the plastic material and ensure a lightweight feel. Also, using this for hours, you’ll not feel any pressure or discomfort.

Stylish and Flexible: These pairs of glasses exhibit a perfect design and an elegant look without any extra accessories and hangings. A simple plastic frame, which can even fit a more prominent head with ease due to its flexible nature. You can also easily adjust the glasses in your pocket when not in use.

UV Protective lenses: The lenses of these glasses feature flawless UV protection ability. You can wear it comfortably under the sun and enjoy the colors around you. The perfect plastic lenses may cause difficulty in the beginning, but you’ll get used to the product very soon.

Performance: These glasses feature the premium quality construction material to yield a prolonged life span. You can read out the colored traffic signs, traffic lights, and much more on the roads on the way to your home. You can easily differentiate between red and green colors, which will make your life easy and comfortable.

Both Indoor and Outdoor: This perfect pair of glasses offers dual functionality. With an ideal light-filtering mechanism, you can wear the glasses outdoors. On the other hand, the manufacturer employs the optimal light technology to make these glasses use in the low-light indoor environment.


  • Titanium coated glasses
  • Can be used both the indoor and outdoor environment
  • Protecting against the UV rays


  • Breakable frame

2. Pilestone TP-006 Color Blind glasses:

Product Features

Classic Aviator style: These perfect TP-006 color blind glasses let you see the colors in style. You can have a look at different shades of color including red and green and can distinguish them easily using the Pilestone TP-006. This pair comes in the classic aviator style that seems to be perfect on any occasion i.e. formal or casual.

Specialized coating: The unique mirror coating provides you a perfect sight against the bright light. This coating makes sure the light doesn’t produce a glare on falling onto the lenses.

Wide applications: The perfect pair of lenses allow you to employ these glasses for a broader range of color blindness. The persons with mild, moderate color blindness can quickly ease their condition using this Pilestone TP-006. Also, the glasses can deal with the correctness of various colors including, red, brown, orange, blue, purple, and pink.

Light-filtering technology: Another appreciating advantage of this pair is the advanced mechanism to filter out the incoming light. This characteristic will assist you in filtering the selective wavelength to clear the vision of red or green color.

Outdoor and indoor: Pilestone glasses are always perfect to wear indoors and outdoors. Hence, wearing this TP-006 is a better way to deal with the bright outdoor light and the indoor minimum light as well.

Sturdy frame: The glasses use the perfect and sturdy frame structure, which is made up of metal to provide you with a longer life span. Also, you can have a stylish look with the silvery metal finish.


  • Strong metal frame
  • Composite lens
  • Aviator style


  • Too much red tint

3. Pilestone TP-025 Colorblind glasses:

Product Features

Enjoy the real beauty: You don’t need to stop yourself from enjoying the colors of life. All you need is the TP-025 to adjust your eyes for the red and green color blindness. Whether you have mild or severe color blindness, this pair of glasses is perfect for improving.

Versatile: The Pilestone TP-025 has complete versatility in nature due to its environment-friendly attribute. It provides you the dual functionality as you can use them anywhere, either indoor or outdoor.

Protection from UV-rays: The pair of glasses not only deals with the color blindness but can protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. You can expose yourself to the sun rays without any fear.

Titanium coating: The sturdiness and flexibility; both are related to the titanium coating on the glass. The lenses of this glassware have a specialized titanium coating to deal with the abrasion. This coating further provides strength and durability. Apart from durability, the titanium coating gives a reflecting surface to the lens, which lets you avoid the glare.

Lightweight yet Strong: A light but sturdy plastic is used in the construction of the glasses. These characteristics provide you with an easy to wear this sturdy pair for many hours without any discomfort.


  • High-grade strong plastic
  • Deal with moderate to intense color blindness
  • Titanium coating and red tint


  • Seems of low-quality from the appearance

4. EnChroma Atlas Gunmetal Aviator Color Blind Glasses:

Product Features

Spectral lens attribute: This EnChroma aviator style glasses comes with the perfect spectral lens technology. This technology helps you to have a clear and distinguishing vision of red, blue, and green colors. The perfectly engineered pair can enhance the vision and improve the color blindness to a great level.

Top-notch lens material: EnChroma has always been taking care of the quality of lenses for so long. This Atlas Gunmetal Aviator pair comes in great shape and a variety of lenses, which offers optical grade standards and has several sorts of advantageous characters as well.

Best UV protection: The lenses of this color blind glasses can block 100% of the UV rays, which are harmful to humans. EnChroma Atlas Classic can block both the UVA and UVB rays with ease.

Anti-scratch: For a more prolonged life span, this pair of glasses yield the scratch-resistant and tough surface, which keeps the lenses clear and smooth. Moreover, there is a thermal cross-linked coating as well, which offers more durability to the frame and glass.

Reflective surface: You can wear this pair both day and night as it features no glare problems on the lens due to the presence of reflective coating.

Hydrophobic coat: Another unique characteristic is the hydrophobic coat on these color blind glasses, which makes the overall surface restive towards the dust and water.


  • A hard case is included in the packaging
  • Water repellent body
  • Spectral lens technology


  • Less globar color contrast

Best Color Blind Glasses Buying Guide:

Colorblind glasses are perfect for achieving the all-color vision and providing you the colorful experience of life. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before buying the compatible color blind glasses for you.


The first influencing factor is the lens quality and construction. There are certain varieties of colorblind lenses having different manufacturing materials or diverse coatings. Some of the lenses have layers to prevent extra sunlight from entering into your eye while on the other hand, some have coatings to reduce glare at night


Cost is also a significant contributing factor in buying these color blindness glasses. Well, you must look at your budget as this can be a luxury item for some while a common thing to have for others.

Enhanced characteristics:

Some additional parameters are not contributing to everyone’s life but are necessary. For example, you can have the glasses with extra contrast feature or some filters to have a perfect sharp vision.


The next feature you must look for is the frame sturdiness. The structure must be robust, sturdy, and flexible as well to meet with your demands and have a prolonged life span.

Comparison Chart:

Products Color Vision Material of construction Buy Now
1. Pilestone TP-012 Colorblind glasses Green/Red Aluminum frame
2. Pilestone TP-006 Color Blind glasses Green/Red Metal framing
3. Pilestone TP-025 Colorblind glasses Green/Red Titanium Coated Purple Lenses
4. EnChroma Atlas Gunmetal Aviator Color Blind Glasses Deutan/Protan color blindness Cx3 lens with metal framing


Colorblind glasses are the perfect solution to fill colors in the life of people having a defective color vision. These glasses can easily change the vision perspective without any physical or chemical change in the structure of the eye. 

You just need to put on the glasses and you can have the normal or closer-to-normal color vision in no time without any surgical operation or medication. Hence, we have provided you a detailed view of the colorblind glasses along with the factors you need to consider before buying a pair for you. 

Some of the best products are also mentioned above, along with the features, pros, and cons for your convenience. You can choose according to your need and choice.