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Best Budget Fitness Tracker 2020

Seeing results and betterment in our fitness is what keeps us motivated to get more fit and take care of ourselves. Tracking your progress is now made super easy, thanks to these highly technological and efficient fitness trackers. 

With the invention of fitness trackers, you no longer have to keep a manual record of how much workout you’ve done on a particular day or how well you’re doing. Fitness trackers are like really advanced record books for your entire progress. 

The common concept with any product is that if it’s expensive, it’s going to be good, and if it’s cheap, it’ll most likely be of lousy quality. While it may be true in some brand cases, it’s not entirely true, and many cheap brands offer incredible fitness trackers. 

Since there are so many different types and variations available in the market when it comes to fitness trackers, we will list down and discuss some of the best budget fitness tracker 2020, that we think will make your life much easier, so read further. 

1. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker

Product Features

Design: The Fitbit Inspire HR is incredibly light, and possibly one of the sleekest designs you can find in the market currently. It has a beautiful overall look with three different color choices, black, white, and lilac. 

Battery Life: It has an average battery life of 5 days, but that also depends on the usage, but all in all, the battery is impressive compared to many other products of the same range. 

Heart Rate & So Much More: The Fitbit Inspire calculates your heart rate and uses it to determine and keep track of your calories, different heart rate zones, and many other things. 

Furthermore, it is also fully capable of calculating the steps you’ve walked in a day, the distance you’ve traveled, all by the hour, and even by the minute.

Connectivity: The Fitbit Inspire HR comes with an app that allows it to connect to more than 200 android and iOS devices via Bluetooth.

Warranty: The Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker come with a generous warranty of 2 years for any kind of defects covered. 


  • Up to 5 days of long-lasting battery life
  • Water resistance of up to 50M 
  • Complete sleep and activity tracking
  • Easy connection with phones using Bluetooth


  • Doesn’t charge properly sometimes

2. L8star Fitness Tracker HR & Activity Tracker

Product Features

Sleep Monitoring & Heart Rate: The L8star Fitness Tracker HR efficiency measures your heart rate at intervals of 1, 2, 6, and 12 hours, automatically. It is also capable of tracking your heart rates and features automatic sleep monitoring too, which is advanced enough to calculate and record your sleep and wake times, separately. 

Design: The Fitness Tracker comes with a 1.3 inch IPS screen, which is quite big compared to many other fitness trackers. But the big screen doesn’t prevent it from maintaining its sleek, lightweight size. 

More Than A Fitness Tracker: The L8star Fitness Tracker isn’t just confined to tracking your health. You can also check notifications, receive calls and messages on this tracker. Furthermore, you can also check the calendar and can store up to 10 critical messages on the tracker itself. 

6 Sport Modes: This fitness tracker also provides six different sports modes, depending on the type of workout or sport you’ll be doing or playing. It has a built-in 3D sensor that allows it to calculate the steps you took, the distance you covered, and many other essential things that you need to know to keep track of your progress. 

Battery Life: L8start claims that this fitness tracker has impressive battery life. So amazing that it takes around 1 to 2 hours to charge fully, and a full charge can last you a whopping 30 days upon standard usage. 


  • Amazing 30-day standard battery life
  • Comes with an app for increased support and better tracking
  • 6 different sport modes


  • Confusing instruction manual 

3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR & Activity Tracker Watch

Product Features

Activity Tracking: The LETSCOM fitness and activity tracker offers unique measurements of your daily steps, the distance you traveled, the calories you burned, etc. It also comes with a feature where it records your sleep times and hence your sleeping pattern. 

Smart Watch Functionality: The screen isn’t just to show you track records. It can also be used to check your notifications from all your favorite apps, like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. 

Different Exercise Modes: The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker comes with 14 different exercise modes. These exercise modes help in the better calculation of your workout results and tracking. 

You can also see different stats and charts if you connect the watch to your phone. 

Sleek Design: The tracker features a super stylish design, which is also very lightweight, to the point where you don’t almost feel the watch around your wrist. Furthermore, it comes with 6 different color bands that you can choose and buy according to your preference. 

Moreover, the watch is entirely waterproof and sweatproof, so you can easily wear it and play or workout, without ever having to worry about anything. 

Battery Life: The battery life on the LETSCOM fitness and activity tracker is also great. On standard usage, it gives you 7 days of running time on a full charge. It also comes with a built-in USB port, which allows you to charge it anywhere conveniently. 


  • Heart rate and activity monitoring
  • 14 different modes for sports and workouts
  • Thoroughly water and sweat proof
  • Long-lasting battery at a maximum of 7 days


  • Issues with water resistance

4. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Product Features

Battery Life: The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 features an incredible 135 mAh battery that gives 20 days of running time on a full charge and standard usage. 

Display & Design: The tracker comes with a 0.95 inch AMOLED colorful display with a super sleek design and an adjustable wrist strap. The watch overall is super lightweight and fits perfectly around the wrist and doesn’t feel too heavy at all. 

Your Health Companion: The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 efficiently calculates and records your heart rate, along with your sleep patterns and helps you in maintaining a healthier lifestyle by keeping track of your day to day health rates and stats. 

Activity Tracking: The Mi Band 4 also features 6 different modes to track all your body’s activity. These modes include treadmill, exercise, outdoor running, cycling, walking, and swimming. Activity tracking allows you to keep count of all your steps, the distance you’ve traveled, and the calories burned. 


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 50M water resistance
  • 6 different workout modes


  • A little too overpriced

Best Budget Fitness Trackers – Comparison Chart

Product Name Battery Life (Standard Use) Modes Bluetooth Connectivity  Buy Now
1. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker 5 days 15+ Yes
2. L8star Fitness Tracker HR & Activity Tracker 30 days 6 Yes
3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR & Activity Tracker Watch 7 days 14 Yes
4. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 20 days 6 Yes

Buying Guide For Budget Fitness Trackers

There are several things that you need to and should consider when buying yourself a fitness tracker. Since there are so many variations and minute differences in the models, you must know exactly what to expect out of the product you’re going to buy. 

Therefore, we’ll be listing down in detail some of the features that you should look for before purchasing a fitness and activity tracker for your use. 

Calorie Calculator

Calories matter a lot when it comes to fitness. You work out so you can burn more and more calories, and if your watch isn’t capable of keeping track of the calories you’ve burned, then what’s the point of having one? So make sure that you buy a tracker that has a calorie calculator. 

Steps & Distance Counter

Having a record of the distance you travel and the steps you take in a day also gives you great insight about how much you walk and how it can be made more beneficial in weight loss and other physical advancements. Therefore, it’s also crucial that your fitness and activity tracker can accurately measure all the steps you take in a day so you can keep track of your daily physical activity. 

Supporting App & Compatibility

Having a support app of your device is a blessing. With an app installed on your phone that is connected to your tracker, you can get far more detailed results, along with charts, stats, and records of all your previous activities, throughout the month even. 

Make sure that the watch comes with an app and has excellent compatibility with whatever mobile device you use. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of issues and frustration. 

Design Elements

Some design elements need consideration too. For example, the tracker should be lightweight so that you don’t feel too much pressure on your wrist. If you like swimming, then make sure that it’s waterproof as well. Otherwise, you’ll end up ruining it, the moment you dip it in the pool.

Moreover, the dial/screen of the tracker should be sleep and shouldn’t cover too much of your wrist so you can easily access it and wear it around. 


Keeping track of your physical activity and your heart rate and overall health is essential. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to do that, and that is why we have compiled the list above so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle at the most affordable cost and a considerably good product quality.